First internship at the OLYMPIC THEATER ARTS

922_ota_building_2010_11_30_photoToday I visited my first internship at the OTA (OLYMPIC THEATER ARTS). It was a real nice visit. I was introduced to the cast and crew and then attended their script reading for their new play God of Carnage, a play by Yasmina Reza. It is about two pairs of parents, one whose child has hurt by the other at a public park. The parents meet to discuss the matter in a civilized manner.

It is a really a vert funny comedy and I am very very excited to do things on this play!

For those of you that don’t know my plans for these internships, they start here with my first internship in Washington at OTA in Sequim, after that I will be working with another play house in Port Angeles, Washington. In June my next internships will be in Hollywood, California and will last until the middle of August. My internships are spread over 6 diffident companies in 5 months.

On the way!

Dear readers, I’m writing today from the USA

I have spent 18 hours traveling from Karlskoga-Stockholm-Amsterdam-Seattle-Sequim WA.amazing-lifting-off-airplane

More info will be updated shortly,

Skull anatomy with Jim Vikström

During a 4 day spread now we have had the great pleasure of having Jim as a sculptor and mold maker and casting teacher in school. Jim’s career started at Dramaten, the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. I worked there as a prop maker and set designer from 1999-2001.In the autumn of 2001 he was accepted into the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. There he studied sculpture, classical/realism for four years. He received a scholarship during His studies as a student teacher in anatomy (écorché).

Today He runs his own summer course in écorché at Luleå University of Technology in Skellefteå. This course is currently the only active écorché course in Europe.

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One day projekt

To day I decided to spend my day by challenging my skills and make a  “one day project” i spent five  hours building this cute derp owl out of Styrofoam and clay and fake fur20130305_155800 20130305_195403 20130305_195340 20130305_195418 20130305_195444

The Nightmare night light

Nightmare night light is finally finished.
All the rust patina and swamp details are done,
My inspiration for this cuddly huggabull night light was to make it look like it has fallen over in to a swamp and there it was stuck having the swamp water and climate change’s rust the machine antill one day the light of Nightmare started to glow and the machine started it slow but steady walk up out of the swamp to break habit and Nightmares all over


Nightligt-1 Nightligt-on-2 Nightligt-2 Nightligt-3 Nightligt-4 Nightligt-6

How to Paint Furniture to Make It Look Antique

this past week I learn how to make painted wood appear older than it’s. by cracking the Paint.

this little nifty technique happens by painting the first coat with an acrylic base paint,

when the first coat is dry, then apply a second coat with a Oil  base paint and when that is dry apply  the last coat of acrylic paint and while it’s still wet use a heat gun to dry and crack the paint from the top coat.

door (1) door (2) door (5) door (6) door (7)