Week nine

WOW let me start of my saying “what a week”…
It has truly been one of the greatest weeks of my life.  Intense, overwhelming, exiting, fun filled and I guess the best way of explaining it would be like the first Christmas one can remember, when the excitement of coming into the room and seeing all the gifts under the Christmas tree with the heartfelt surprise, and joy as child.


This is what my week felt like to me!




The first day I was here it was the Studio City Farmers Market,20130602_123139-2
Now, for some information on my current internship at Spectral Motion.   As most people know in this industry is that its very secret.  I won’t be sharing exactly what we are working on, but I will share what I am allowed to tell you about.  I can tell you in moderation more of what we are doing and not what we are working on.
 if you want a sneak peek in to my inturnship and what all the extremely talented people do at the amazing Spectral Motion then take a look at this video, 
Im so blessed to have the opportunity to learn from these great people, 


It was so cool finally getting to meet Mike Elizalde and his beautiful wife Mary.   I think I was a little star struck at first,


So starting with the beginning of the week, I got to work with nylon


Here I am learning how to make and blend a polyethylene Rubber,  Brian Rea is pouring up the parts



And then spreading it even over the form head as you can see Ryk Fortuna is doing,


Hear is some pictures of different mold forms we fired up for different things,

 20130605_112128 20130605_153049 20130605_153056


Im so thankful for the opportunity to learn from these great men. From the left in this picture are Ryk Fortuna , Brian Rea, Me , Darin Bouyssou and of course the wonderful Maria is in this photo,


week eight

This is the week when my California Internships will start, I have just left Washington and the second chapter of my great adventurehas started, 20130528_152338 My dad and I left Sequim and drove to Seattle for a couple of days with my Dads friend Shawn 20130527_185806   Dad and I went to see the movie Star Trek in 3D at a I-Max. It was cool and a OK movie, star-trek-into-darkness-pstr07 Memorial day Memorial-Day Memorial Day is a United States Federal Holiday which occurs every year on the final Monday of May.Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Formerly known as Decoration Day, it originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. By the 20th century, 18659_1284372480450_8305559_n My dad served in the US Army.   I had the greatest time flying down to California and having four great days to hang out with my uncle Greg in Orange County, 20130529_162631   Finally, we drove out to where I am going to live in Studio City, California. 20130601_135232 During our drive my Uncle Greg and I saw Jay Leno driving right next to us. 20130601_162529 I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to live right in the heart of Hollywood and tomorrow my internship at SpectralMotion. logo_lg I am over the moon happy to have the great privilege and honor of working under Mike Elizalde of Spectral Motion. 972133_10201120217669334_628805292_n http://www.spectralmotion.com His work has inspired a lot of my ideas and work when I was growing up.Words can’t explain how excited I am over this great privilege,

Week seven

I had the pleasure of meeting a great lady … the actress


Shelley Taylor Morgan,

She collects the “man in the moon” memorabilia so i made her a “moon man”,

2013-05-21 16.52.47 2013-05-21 16.53.00

Shelly collects all kind beautiful things such as nicknacks. My favorite was this Turn Of The 1900 Century amatron

Doing handy work with my dad is a blast. I hope my dad and I will have our own prop shop some day,1L44og2CcOvOaO_VgwtKwvUodprzyM5xaS1IEs9mbTg Aa_hQZ1AZDh1tBPEKMhFqwN0fj3jJkU-c4F-eLfeLyY nOYPVm_y7O6ic0BsyagCavdo1Kk4SkfYmz-ZK60BGd4


Time goes past so fast. I want to thank the OTA (Olympic Theater Arts) for giving me a great internship and a life changing experience. Thank you all for having me,


Saturday thru Wednesday I am going to Seattle to hang out with Dad and his friend, Sean.

20080227210329_kerry park seattle

I will be going to Los Angeles, CA on Wednesday. 29 May, 2013

Week six


Taking a look back on my time and what I have done the first two months of my internships. It’s not all about just props. I have learned so much more than just how set lights, make props and dress sets. It has been a life learning experience.

For those of you that have followed my trip from the start, on my internships … I painted a carpet for the last play, for this new play Crimes of The Heart, I painted over the carpet with a wooden floor,



You got to love the nature life in Washington State. My dad and I took a road trip to Lake Crescent, WA. I just love this environment … no wonder my ancestors decided to settle down here.oO4CB_dbOtEAQ5P1RY5SsRZeYZBinyUzHjuvK1Y8T2M VENLfgEzrzWh5DMP1szA212QWcOwQ7XtMhTh1HjntI8

2013-04-30 15.58.22 2013-05-01 11.30.26 2013-05-01 11.30.37 2013-05-01 11.31.03

But you can also find the darnedest cars, 2013-05-19 15.29.38

As for my last prop at the OTA .. I made a styrofoam cake out of styrofoam with all-purpose spackle and caulking

2013-05-14 11.42.04 vA6d9Q7oqebJ-0yHWZ9jz3SebAXOFbfPOl3QZktsbyc

2013-05-21 15.48.05 2013-05-21 15.48.30

Week Five

For my dads birthday gift I took the cocktail table my dad and I  made as our first joint prop for the God of Carnage. As we all know my daddy is some what of a Harley Davidson nut -he loves this motor cycle company products

20130507_114957 20130507_122740 20130507_135606 20130507_141754 20130507_172832



I had help from this Lovely lady Elaine Caldwell with the table stencil, who is a professional sign painter.  She used to paint all kind of signs like billboards in NYC


I also got to meet baby cows here that are just too sweet

20130509_131144 20130509_131123 20130509_131108 20130509_131109 20130509_131050 20130509_131304


I love Wasington!

As for the new production set of  Crimes of the Heart — I am building the miniature stage set and starting the painting the new floor on the theater stage.
20130425_133841 20130425_133851 20130425_165828 20130427_183752(0)

Week Four


Life in sequim is just getting better and better


I mean you learn to love the mountain views, they are quite beautiful.!




Working at the OTA, I have been doing a lot of grunt work such as getting rid of a lot of old moldy paints.



We have now started to strip down the stage from the play we just finished ( God of Carnage).20130506_110745

Its kind of sad.. but its time to make the sets for the new production (Crimes of the Heart)




My dads birthday was on May 1


so we went to Hamma Hamma which is a commercial oyster farm were you can by jumbo shrimp and smoked oysters and salmon,



And this littel crab is just chilling out



This large pile is all just sea shell,


Going antique shopping and found this really ugly toy cow





Week three

This week has been a bit slow compared to most of the other weeks,
You can’t always have go go go……. but, this week I was sick and had the flu.  I passed the cold on to my family and unfortunately they are all getting the nasal congestion. They are all getting better now.
Work is running along just fine.   I do the lights for the show each weekend.   There are only 2 more weekends left until the next show rehearsals start and I’m going to have to start the construction for the new show.  In the meantime I’m building a miniature set for the next play, so we can have that as a model for the bigger building activities.  I think this one is going to be so much fun building it all
What all has happened this week.   I have made some great new friends each day.
locking your keys in your car is just part of the fun trying to get in thru the sun roof20130420_024338
My grandmother has also asked me ho help her make some center pieces for her game party tables.   I decided to make some dice for her and made them out of styrofoam, space and barbecue sticks then painted each one with acrylic paint,



Another project I’m going to start is a mural on the play house exterior wall soon.  This will be loads of fun.


My airline tickets are booked so i leave for Hollywood, California on the 29th of May and my Hollywood internship starts Monday the 3rd of June


Week two

Well dear follower’s
My update for week two is a little late and for that I apologize.
It has been an intensive week.Tomorrow “God of Carnage” will have its preview, and the show opens with its premier on Friday.   This production will be preformed for three weekends after that

I get so spoiled when my dad packs a lunch for me as a nice surprise,


I have also spent most of this week painting for the set,

20130403_195159 20130401_115948

I Finished the painted  carpet,


20130403_141434 20130416_142712 20130416_142724

This is the work shop where I spend my days in,


Also my dad and I built are first prop together I thought that it was just swell, I had a great time building with my dad.   Who knows … we might open a prop/carpenter shop one day, (hoping)

20130410_150213 20130410_150208

Also on a fun note, I found Swedish Washa bröd in the grocery store here in Sequim, Washington.20130403_180206
How do you Wasa? 😉

Week One

Wow! This week has been intense, Let me tell you I have learned so much.

I don’t really know where to start so I’m going to tell you about my families connection to the OTA, what play we are working on, and the 24hour theatre I joined.

I learned last week that I am the first intern at the Olympic Theatre Arts(OTA) in Sequim ,

May Venard Hendricks 0024

Hears is a fun little fact. My family goes back generations in Sequim, Washington and my great great grandmother Mrs May Hendricks was the principal and a teacher at the Old Dungeness School in the 1930’s. In March 1980 Richard Waites presented the one-man play, Krapp’s Last Tape, at this same Old Dungeness Schoolhouse. The success of that production prompted a group to form and present two plays in the next year, including A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur directed by Olivia Shea, and from these two performances the Olympic Theatre Arts company was launched. It just shows you how small the world really is.

Now for the new current show the OTA is preparing called “God of Carnage” which will be performed April 19 – May 5, 2013. This 2009 Tony Award winner for Best Play is an explosive comic drama. A playground altercation between eleven-year-old boys brings together two sets of Brooklyn parents for a meeting to resolve the matter. At first, diplomatic niceties are observed, but as the meeting progresses, and the rum flows, tensions emerge and the gloves come off, leaving the couples with more than just their liberal principles in tatters.

The play is written By Yasmina Reza and is directed directed by Olivia Shea.

733948 524208330957256 582058277 n

Back stage at the moment I’m working on building a coffee table, a chandelier, and African art work such as masks and art book covers. As the intern I’m getting to try all the fields out as painter, builder, light setter, and much more. This is a great working experience for me and at the moment it looks like I’m going to be in charge of the lights for the Show too.

58582 540743839303705 802320569 n

Now for the 24 hour play. In the period of only 24hour’s they wrote, cast, rehearsed and performed a seven act play of our mutual devising! Because of all the possibilities – turnout, ideas, storyline – the play could end up being about anything. As soon as a scene is written actors begin to rehearse it, and the writers move on to the next scene, and then the next, until the play is completed. This was a great learning experience, It was a great way to be involved in theatre without the long commitment! We had 11 writers and 9 actors and I was one of them,

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