Who is Miku.

My Biography:

My name is Miku Angeles Godfrey.

I hope my artwork and prop making is as touching and inspiring for you as it is for me. I bring life to my artwork by using a unique sense of color and shape.

If I should best describe my art, I would say it is an analysis of human anatomy, both scientific and emotional. Both male and female anatomy has fascinated me to a great extent throughout the years. I studied art in High School and then continued my education in Gothenburg, Sweden before attending LTU – Luleå University of Technology in Skellefteå, Sweden where I am enrolled in the Attributmakare Master’s program (Prop Maker, Set Designer, Special Effects and Make-up).

My Education

KV Konstskola Göteborg, Sweden

Göteborg Nail School Vastra Frölunda, Sweden

Micha Weidner Makeup Göteborg, Sweden

Dômen Konstskola Göteborg, Sweden

LTU – Luleå University of Technology Skellefteå, Sweden


The Future

I have been fortunate as a young artist, having many great opportunities to travel and share my artwork throughout the world. In my Art career, I have held over 25 different Art shows and exhibits.

As I continue my studies I also accept short-term work in the entertainment industry. My personal goals to make a difference for film companies in the entertainment industry as professional Prop Master and well served to these small employments.

Work Relations

Some of the bigger companies I have worked with are: NK, Lilly Nails, Ferrare Computers, QC Corner, Macho Records, Formbar. I have also worked with the following famous people and companies – Cazzi Opeia, Lenart Sjoberg, Anna Karlsson. Fixas. Cristian Olander.

Thank you for showing an interest in my work.