Nightmare night light

I’m still working on this project there’s a lot of “RUST” painting to do but I’ll get there…


this little project was one of my side idea’s it started as a sketch in my sketch book and grow into something bigger, i decided i wanted to make this character come to life so i started by sewing the dress all by hand because the fabric i decided to go with is  a very fine and thin thai silk.blood countes sketch Blood Countes (1) Blood Countes (3) Blood Countes (4) Blood Countes (5) Blood Countes (2)

Make up, consept art,styling by – Miku Godfrey

Dress (A Godfrey design ) by – Miku Godfrey

Nails by – Miku Godfrey

Model – Maja sikorska

Photographer Lenart sjöberg –

SKROTANA a children’s tv show.



swedish national tv children’s show skrotarna! you can watch the episodes of the show on

i had a sommer job helping out on this tv show making props under the direction of Niklas Hermansson was previous student at LTU Atrebutmakarlinjen you can se his home page on this link –


I also had the pleasure of working beside Christian Olander sett designer also a previous student when atrebutmakarlinjen/senografilinjen was named Nordic sett design school the

hole tv show was Directed by Ted kjellson

and produced by happy fiction AB


Skrotarnas-oppen-fier-palce castle-window The-mummys-tomb Egyptian-whip

The me doll

three dimensional portrait as a part of the task in my application to get into prop school, i decided to go with making a full size doll of me when i was 4 years old to express a part of my personality by at that age was the starting point in my creativity and artistic side.doll-1 doll-2 doll3

Amazon Queen

this project Amazon Queen was for making a helmet but after I made the helmet, I decided to make a armor and concept costume, the armor and helmet is made from a material called Airex and is a light-weight PVC foam comes in sheets of varying thickness and can easily  be formed if one heats it.

amazon-queen-crown amazon-queen-crown2 amazon-queen amazon-queen2 Linus damm's photoshop worrk amazon-queen-3 amazon-queen-4


This is a real cool project a short movie Named Tronländaren it plays about 25min,and for this  project i did the make up, beard weaves and extensions  and blood special effects

for more info on this movie  click on the link below


also i made a small clay figure for my own personal enjoyment  (fan art)

the-heros-of-Tronlendaren Tronlendaren-Scarprund Haidnar Haidnar-culpture