The panda head

Okey hear it is!
Im sorry for being so slow about posting about this animal head

My plan was to dived this post in to 2-3 parts about the head but as time is ruining away and i have lots more to blog about for you, like my trip to the USA for my internship, and other projects i have bin working on,


but lets get this started

Wen the bear latex mold is removed out of its cast the latex is now firm and can be stable by its self,  Now its time for fur and detail like teeth, eyes and tongue I decided to make my tongue in silicon and the eyes are in heat flexible plastic and hand painted the teeth are made with super sculpey clay,

you attach the Fur with a mixture of latex glue and fabric glue,

20130125_112954 photo (7) photo (6) photo (5) photo (4) photo (2) IMAG0093 IMAG0096 panda head done panda