Week nine

WOW let me start of my saying “what a week”…
It has truly been one of the greatest weeks of my life.  Intense, overwhelming, exiting, fun filled and I guess the best way of explaining it would be like the first Christmas one can remember, when the excitement of coming into the room and seeing all the gifts under the Christmas tree with the heartfelt surprise, and joy as child.


This is what my week felt like to me!




The first day I was here it was the Studio City Farmers Market,20130602_123139-2
Now, for some information on my current internship at Spectral Motion.   As most people know in this industry is that its very secret.  I won’t be sharing exactly what we are working on, but I will share what I am allowed to tell you about.  I can tell you in moderation more of what we are doing and not what we are working on.
 if you want a sneak peek in to my inturnship and what all the extremely talented people do at the amazing Spectral Motion then take a look at this video, 
Im so blessed to have the opportunity to learn from these great people, 


It was so cool finally getting to meet Mike Elizalde and his beautiful wife Mary.   I think I was a little star struck at first,


So starting with the beginning of the week, I got to work with nylon


Here I am learning how to make and blend a polyethylene Rubber,  Brian Rea is pouring up the parts



And then spreading it even over the form head as you can see Ryk Fortuna is doing,


Hear is some pictures of different mold forms we fired up for different things,

 20130605_112128 20130605_153049 20130605_153056


Im so thankful for the opportunity to learn from these great men. From the left in this picture are Ryk Fortuna , Brian Rea, Me , Darin Bouyssou and of course the wonderful Maria is in this photo,