Week seven

I had the pleasure of meeting a great lady … the actress


Shelley Taylor Morgan,

She collects the “man in the moon” memorabilia so i made her a “moon man”,

2013-05-21 16.52.47 2013-05-21 16.53.00

Shelly collects all kind beautiful things such as nicknacks. My favorite was this Turn Of The 1900 Century amatron

Doing handy work with my dad is a blast. I hope my dad and I will have our own prop shop some day,1L44og2CcOvOaO_VgwtKwvUodprzyM5xaS1IEs9mbTg Aa_hQZ1AZDh1tBPEKMhFqwN0fj3jJkU-c4F-eLfeLyY nOYPVm_y7O6ic0BsyagCavdo1Kk4SkfYmz-ZK60BGd4


Time goes past so fast. I want to thank the OTA (Olympic Theater Arts) for giving me a great internship and a life changing experience. Thank you all for having me,


Saturday thru Wednesday I am going to Seattle to hang out with Dad and his friend, Sean.

20080227210329_kerry park seattle

I will be going to Los Angeles, CA on Wednesday. 29 May, 2013